5 Reasons To Buy From French Soap Wholesale


1. Extensive Range of Natural French Soaps


Over 120 scents to choose from in a beautiful array of colours and shapes. Soaps to suit all skin types. Most of our soaps are suitable for vegans except for the obvious ones like donkey milk, etc.




2. The Right Quality at the Right Price


Protect your reputation with our quality products and our competitive pricing allows you to protect your margins too.





3. Fast, Efficient Service


Protect your cash-flow. Our low minimum order threshold and short, reliable lead times mean you can order what you need, when you need it, thus saving money on storage and carrying unnecessary stock.




4. Friendly, Personal Service


Speak to someone who knows your name and business. Excellent communication means fewer mistakes and, as none of us is perfect, any errors that do occur, we will quickly resolve.




5. Business Support


We will back you up with relevant, actionable information to help you get the best from your business; Sharing our experiences to help you encourage more soaps sales. Contact us anytime to get prompt answers to those quick questions that make all the difference.